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Martin Ek will receive an award for the best doctoral thesis of the year[more]


A position is open as Professor in Materials Engineering at LTH[more]


A new PhD school on imaging techniques will be launched at Lund Univesrity.[more]


RACIRI announces the opportunity for 20 Swedish graduate students to receive a scholarship for attending a summer school on "Imaging with X‐Ray and Neutrons in Life and Materials Sciences"[more]


PhD summer school at DTU on Methods in Imaging of Energy Material Microstructure[more]


On May 21st we will have a seminar from Marco Stampanoni of the Paul-Scherrer Institute on X-Ray Tomography in materials science (and more).[more]


The linear accelerator group has turned up the temperature of the cathode producing electrons in the gun. Everything worked just as it should, and out came the 10 longed for electron pulses per second. [more]


LTH researchers present their research projects.[more]


Do you know your powder well enough?[more]

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