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Seminar by Michael Marek Koza, ILL, Grenoble[more]


Seminar by Małgorzata Molin, DTU/ESS[more]


Today BBC announces that UK has agreed to financially support the ESS project.[more]


A materials research symposium, marking the inauguration of Materials@LU will be held on June 5th.[more]


Paul Shearing from University College London will give a seminar on his studies of electro-chemo-mechanical processes in Li-ion batteries and other electro-chemical devices using x-ray tomography.[more]


On Wednesday February 5th, Jean-Sebastien Micha from ESRF in Grenoble will give a seminar on principles and scientific applications related to 3D X-ray diffraction.[more]


As an integral port of materials research, we are happy to recognize 2014 as the International Year of Crystallography.[more]


The gateway to materials research at Lund university - "Materials@LU" - is now launched.[more]


Professors Lihong Wang, Washington University, and Leslie Banks-Sills, Tel Aviv University, have been awarded the 2013 honorary doctorates at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) at Lund University. Leslie Banks-Sills is honoured for...[more]


Kristofer Cook och Sang-Hyun Pyo vid bioteknik på LTH har utvecklat en kemisk syntes för att tillverka plast som inte innehåller giftiga bisfenoler och polyuretaner.För detta vann det igår kväll regionfinalen i...[more]

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