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Breakfast Seminars - Spring 2015

Materials@LU Breakfast Seminars

The Materials@LU breakfast seminars is an opportunity to find out more about materials-related research taking place within the university.

At each event, a new research group at LU invites you to come and have a cup of morning coffee and listen to an informal presentation of their current research activities and possibly also to take a tour through their research labs.

Join this opportunity to get to know materials research at LU and find out more about what your colleagues are up to and what experimental resources are available.

The information on this page is continuously updated.

The hosts during the spring semester 2015 will be:

February 6: Division of Production and Materials Engineering

March 12: Division of Synchrotron Radiation Research

April 9: Division of Building Materials

These events are further detailed below.

February 6: Division of Production and Materials Engineering

The Division of Production and Materials Engineering at LTH are involved in research and education related to the study of manufacturing processes, machines and manufacturing systems. An important aspect of this work is applied materials technology, which can be defined as a research area where manufacturing technology is integrated with materials technology and product development. The research aim is often focused on enhancement of properties and on materials implementation for different applications, like induction heating, rather than on materials characterization and materials modeling.

At the Division of Production and Materials Engineering, research has been pursued within the following areas: Metal Matrix Composites (MMC), thermoplastic composites, thermoset composites, Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC), magnetostrictive alloys, amorphous alloys, carbide based tool materials. Research has been focused on the following applications: Low weight automotive components, induction heating, electrical motors, actuators, sensors for torque, force and acceleration measurements, excessive wear components, shearing tools, cutting tools, forming tool inserts and the machinability of materials.

March 12: Division of Synchrotron Radiation Research

Time: March 12 at 9.15am

Place: A407 (coffee room) at Fysicum

The main focus of our research is experimental studies of electronic, structural and chemical properties of materials, especially of surfaces and interfaces or free molecules and clusters. For our research we use and develop a wide range of synchrotron-based techniques, such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction, but we also host one of Sweden's largest facilities for scanning probe microscopy.

Our aim is to get a deeper understanding of processes involved in general surface science, catalysis, nanostructure growth, nanodevices, and dissociation of molecules. In addition we are starting up new programs on magnetism and X-ray holography.

The division is largely involved in the MAX-IV Laboratory, but also does research at synchrotron radiation sources and other labs around the world.

April 9: Division of Building Materials

Time: April 9 at 9.15am

Place: Follow the signs from the entrances of the V-building (LTH campus)

We conduct research and teaching on those materials that are used in the construction sector. The goal of our research is to study and understand processes in materials. Two main areas of research have for many years been durability of concrete and moisture problems related to construction materials, but we also work in other fields, for example building biology, durability of wood, rendered façades, polymer degradation and thermal properties of materials. A large part of our research concerns the quantification of advanced material properties and our understanding of them.

We have unique laboratories for sorption and transport of water vapor in materials, and for thermal measurements (isothermal calorimetry). In these areas we collaborate with researchers in other fields, and do not only work with construction materials.

You are welcome to Building Materials breakfast seminar at 9.15 on 9 April. We are situated in the V-building on the LTH campus (John Ericssons väg 1). Part of this building is under renovation, so you have to enter from the back side (signs will show the way from both entrances). Come listen to our research with a focus on materials used in the construction field, and with a strong focus on moisture and durability issues.