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Imaging of 3D structures


The 2016 imaging research school "Imaging of 3D structures" is now open for applications

The research school "Imaging of 3D structures” covers X-ray and neutron techniques to characterise 3D structures at all length scales, from protein structures tomedical, engineering and natural materials and objects. The program aims to provide PhD students from all disciplines an in-depth understanding of the use of x-rays and neutrons in research and also great potential of the two future large-scale infrastructures in Lund – Max IV and ESS – and how these infrastructures can be used to address their scientific questions.

The program is a 1 year program involving lectures and seminars from experts in the field to provide a basic grounding in the use of x-rays and neutrons for imaging 3D structures followed up by more detailed and in-depth discussions for specific applications. In addition, students gain hands-on experience with 3D x-ray/neutron imaging.

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The first successful year of the Imaging 3D structures is coming to a close and we are now accepting applications to join the program in 2016.

Apply before December 15 to join the 2016 program!