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Improving Bulk Functional Nanomaterials by Means of Severe Plastic Deformation - CANCELLED!


Unfortunately Professor Zehetbauer has become ill, so we are sorry to have to announce a very late cancellation of this seminar.

You are cordially invited to attend a seminar by Michael J. Zehetbauer of the University of Vienna.

Time: Friday October 16 at 11:00am.

Place: Room IP2 at the Division of Industrial Production in the M-Building on the LTH campus.


Since the late nineties, Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) processing techniques have spread mainly because of their capability to obtain bulk ultrafine grained and nanocrystalline materials with superior mechanical properties. In recent years, these techniques have been increasingly used to improve materials with functional properties such as electrical conductivity including superconductivity, irradiation resistance, and photovoltaic efficiency. This presentation reports on common activities of Austrian research groups which have focussed on SPD processed thermoelectrics, hydrogen storage materials, biomedical materials, and soft magnetic materials. Significant advances have been achieved with those materials that, however, do not necessarily arise from grain refinement but also from the presence and/or arrangement of SPD induced lattice defects such as dislocations and/or vacancy agglomerates. Also in case of SPD processed soft magnetic materials, the type and arrangement of lattice defects seem to play an important role for the optimization of magnetic properties, and appear feasible by suitable combination of different SPD techniques and of specific thermal treatments.