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The mechanical properties of materials are in most cases functions of other variables such as temperature, deformation velocity, presence of defects and environmental influence such as through possible moisture content. The mechanical properties include such parameters as strength, ductility, fracture properties, elastic properties and friction conditions.

Centre for Analysis and Synthesis

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Reine Wallenberg

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Department of Biomedical Engineering

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Hanna Isaksson

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Department of Fire Safety Engineering

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Patrick Van Hees

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Materials Engineering

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Srinivasan Iyengar

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Aylin Ahadi

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Per Hansson
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Solveig Melin
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Polymer and Materials Chemistry

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Reine Wallenberg

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Production and Materials Engineering

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Carin Andersson
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Mats Andersson
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Jan-Eric Ståhl
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Pure and Applied Biochemistry

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Cedric Dicko

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Solid Mechanics

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Stephen Hall
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Håkan Hallberg

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Matti Ristinmaa

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Per Ståhle

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Mathias Wallin

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Structural Mechanics

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Per Erik Austrell

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Per-Johan Gustafsson

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Erik Serrano

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