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Polymers and Wood

The polymer polystyrene is used to make different types of highly porous insulation materials. The SEM image shows the structure of an extruded expanded polystyrene; it is seen that only a small fraction of the material (2-3%) is solid.
Plywood is a laminate composite material made from wood and adhesive. The layers are placed with the fiber direction perpendicular to adjacent layers. To prevent swelling deformation, plywood is made symmetrical; therefore it always has an odd number of layers and the total thickness of layers in each direction is equal.
Bending test of board with an edge knot. Photo: Bertil Enquist.
Example of numerical analysis of a bending test of a board with an edge knot. The analysis (based on XFEM) takes into account of the fibre daviation close to the knot, which gives a curvilinear crack. Photo: Erik Serrano.
The ”Metropol parasol” in Seville, Spain, is an example of how the use of modern production technology and wood based materials can result in advanced structures. Photo: Erik Serrano.

Building Materials

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